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Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Johnny Fox spent his early years in and around Hartford, Connecticut with many trips to New York City. The father of his best friend often teased him that he should live up to his name and be clever like a fox. Eager to learn from those whom he admired, he answered the challenge be becoming a magician and putting on shows for the neighborhood, charging 10 cents. Johnny would later put those skills to use waiting tables in the upscale restaurants of Florida by adding his sleight of hand to the menu to amaze patrons.

His repertoire grew rapidly as did his thirst for knowledge of the hidden arts. In 1974, Johnny was put on the fast track of performing after a chance encounter with legendary magician Jim Cellini. Soon he was in New York City learning from one of the best, Master of Misdirection "Slydini", at his Studio of Magic on 45th Street.

By 1978, Johnny had moved to Aspen, Colorado and was performing with some of the country's best comedy magicians. Over the next 20 years Johnny would tour nationally and internationally. May of 1986 marked his debut on national television as a guest on "The Merv Griffin Show" After working in comedy clubs with Roseanne Barr, Drew Cary, Gary Shandling, Robin Williams and many others, he was invited to perform on the Showtime Television Special "Jonathan Winters and Friends' Comedy Magic Roadshow" in 1992. Over twenty other comedy specials would follow.

Since then, Johnny has gone on to headline in festivals and various theatrical productions with his one-man show "Who's the Freak" and his show of wonders "Johnny Fox and the Foxettes". During a 22 year run as a headliner at the Ringling Medieval Festival, Johnny reconnected with his childhood heroes from the sideshows he had seen growing up. Coming back year after year, he would meet up with people like Jeanne "The Half Lady" and "Priscilla the Monkey Girl" with her husband "Emmit the Alligator Boy" billed together as "The World's Strangest Married Couple". They would become his friends and fill him in on the history of his favorite pastime; the history of Superheroes of the American Carnival. Johnny also became close friends with Melvin Burkhart, "The Human Blockhead", who referred to Johnny as the most entertaining sword swallower has had witnessed in his 65 years of performing.

From working in Las Vegas casinos to performing in Off Broadway theaters, Johnny continued to refine his presentations, delivering a constantly evolving show of wonders. In 1999, Johnny decided to share his collection of wonders with the world and opened "The Freakatorium: El Museo Loco", a Ripley's like collection of oddities amassed from his years of travel. The Freakatorium was widely embraced by the public and featured in worldwide publication and numerous television shows, such as Barbara Walters' "The View", "Late Night with David Letterman", and programs on The History Channel and The Discovery Channel. Since its closing in 2005, Johnny has been preparing for his next super show extravaganza by incorporating his past experiences and influences. Stay tuned!